7th Grade



7th Grade Spanish

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Quick Spanish Update:

Next week the 7th graders will be having a test on what they have learned this month they should all have two packets that they worked on for homework.  I will make sure they all have these packets.  These packets will be their study guides.

Test Date: Thursday, October 3rd

Here is the Spanish guide to study: doc20190927131515

Test will be on:

-The days of the week

– the numbers 1-100

-the greetings

– the months of the year

-the seasons

-the weather

-the time

They can also study with the website Rockalingua.com

Login: username: hrws  password: gator

Things to remind your student to bring to class:  
 -Spanish notebook,
-earbuds or headphones to listen to independent work on iPad or chrome book.
-pencils and markers 

-glue stick

When your child is absent or misses a class they are responsible to check with a classmate what they have missed. 
If you have any questions please let me know.
Señora Brodahl







Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Quick Spanish update:

7A and B Welcome back to Spanish

Today we had a great first day of Spanish Kuddos to all the students.  

We are reviewing the greeting and numbers 1-1000.

Homework this week is complete a review packet on the greetings and numbers and finish coloring their cover page in their notebooks.

Due date for homework this week is Thursday, September 12th.  If your student is absent please have them stop by my office to pick up a packet.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Quick Spanish update:

-7th graders have done a great job working on AR verbs and working on conjugating on the 20 most common AR verbs.

– Last week they had an evaluation to see if they understood the rules of AR verbs.

– This week we will begin learning about La Cuaresma (Lent)  in Spanish with a fun activity. Stay tuned!

Things to remind your student to bring to class:  

 -Spanish notebook,

-earbuds or headphones to listen to independent work on iPad or chrome book.

-pencils and markers 

-glue stick

When your child is absent or misses a class they are responsible to check with a classmate what they have missed. 

If you have any questions please let me know.


Señora Brodahl


7th grade update November 8, 2018

Last week some of the 7th graders did an amazing job creating ALTARS and CEMETERIES for the celebration of EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS!  KUDDOS!! Here are some pictures:

This week November 8th we will be reviewing the weather in Spanish and looking up forecast on the weather from different  places in the world to make it more relevant looking up temperature and reviewing numbers.  Ask or quiz your child on the weather in Spanish this week.

Next week Thursday, November 15  7th graders will review LA FAMILIA.

Dates to remind the 7th graders to study for quizzes and turn in homework.

Thursday, November 15 turn in Weather assignment HW.

Thursday, November 29  Study for Test on Weather numbers and family members.

Study guide will be their Spanish notebook.  Please remind your child to keep Spanish notebook up to date.

If your child is absent for Spanish please email me or have your child stop by my office to pick up any missing assignment.


Señora Brodahl


November 2, 2017

The seventh grade class did an amazing job creating cemeteries for EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS! They worked in groups and some did their project individually had a fun time creating them. Buen trabajo 7th grade!!


October 19th, 2017

Celebrating The Day Of The Dead at Holy Rosary School with Señora Brodahl


The Day of the Dead is sometimes explained as a Mexican or Latin American version of Halloween, but it really is not. El Día de los Muertos, which is celebrated two days from November 1st to November 2nd preparations start on October 31st.

It is a time when people remember their loved ones who have passed away. It is believed that on those days the souls of the dead return to visit. We honor them and welcome them back by creating ofrendas, altars on which offerings of their favorite foods, photos, belongings and other items are set out for their return. In Mexico and other countries that commemorate this time, it is customary to also visit and clean the graves of loved ones. Some people also play music in the cemetery. The Day of the Dead is also a time when death is recognized, and even celebrated, as a natural part of the cycle of life, a reminder that the dead are always still with us, and that death is not something to be feared it is a time to celebrate your loved that have passed away.

This month is my favorite time of the year to share with the students at Rosary this beautiful celebration that is so special to the Latin American culture. The students will be reading books watching documentaries on the day of the dead, movie, singing and creating different crafts for each grade level. We will be making marigold flowers with tissue paper, candles with cards stock paper, decorating skeletons and skulls, creating books, cemeteries, making sugar skulls trying Pan de Muerto and chocolate caliente.

All the student’s activities will be put on an altar in the hallway.

I invite you to see our beautiful altar on November 1 and 2nd. . If you would like to see your child’s beautiful art of El Día de los Muertos in the hallway at school.

Reminder for next week: Thursday, October 26th 

Don’t forget to bring a tissue box to decorate with with your partner or group. Please!

Project of the Day Of The Dead

DUE: Thursday, October 26th


-You will create a cemetery for the Day of the dead.

-You will need a rectangle tissue box

-You will need to wrap the tissue box

-You have the option to work with a partner or work  individually on the activity

-Your cemetery will need the following decorations:

  • papel picado
  • tumba
  • flores cempachuzil
  • Calaveras de azucar
  • Comida
  • Pan de muerto
  • Velas/candelas
  • Creatividad (creativity)

You will need tissue paper construction paper

Scissors and glue.  







October 5th 2017.

The seventh graders are doing a great job!  They are working on the VERB SER and countries and capitals. They are integrating the verbo SER when talking about where are you from. ¿De donde eres? ¿De donde son ellos?

REMINDER: TEST ON THURSDAY OCTOBER 12th. Study the verb SER and countries and capitals.

If your student need any help please let them know I am here after school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.









The Seventh graders are starting of with a great year! I am so excited to be teaching them Spanish this year. This month we will be reviewing some topics from last year.  We will start using the text book AVENTURA!

If your student needs additional help in Spanish he or she can stop by my office for some help.  I am happy to help! My after school hours are:

Tuesday 3:00-3:30 pm.  Wednesday 2:00-2:30 pm.  Thursday 3:00-3:30 pm. 


Reminders for this week:  

Finish Homework: Due Thursday September 14, 2017






Spanish September 22, 2016

The seventh graders are doing great with the new book AVENTURA! and workbook which they have been taking home every week to do homework.

Homework due Wednesday, September 28th finish pages 3,4,5 from AVENTURA workbook.

Spanish September 15th, 2016.

No homework for next week! Most of the seventh graders did great on their first quiz in spelling out words in Spanish. Kuddos!!