Meet Señora Brodahl/ Welcome to Spanish Classes K-8

Try to find out what Sra. Brodahl likes to do!

Color favorito: blanco y negro

Comida favorita: Sushi

Musica Favorita: Pop en Español y Rock clásico.

Animal favorito: jirafa

Deporte favorito: Ultimate Frisbee 

Libro favorito: Como agua para chocolate.

Me gusta: cocinar y pasar tiempo con mis hijas

Me gusta: paddle board, caminar en la playa y lago.

Bienvenidos (Welcome) to Spanish!

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to another wonderful year of Spanish classes at Holy Rosary School.  I am very blessed to be part of your children’s language program at school. This will be my third year working at Holy Rosary and I am very excited to begin another year of teaching Spanish to all the students.  
In September, students will reconnect with review lessons to get back in touch with vocabulary in Spanish.  We will review greetings, weather, month of the year, days of the week colors, family members, numbers, and animals.  We will be reviewing these themes in active and engaging activities throughout the month.  
Kindergarten through fourth grade will not have homework, instead they will have class activities. The activities will include: worksheets, art projects, games, music, stories,and Spanish websites.
Fifth grade through 8th grade will have homework once a week. The weekly assignment  will be posted on my website. The weekly homework will be a review of what the students are learning in class, and should only take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me:
This year will be a very fun year to learn Español!
Señora Brodahl